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We offer all types of detailing services. From restorations to weekly washes and everything in-between.

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Bottom Paint

Your last line of defense for bottom growth and barnacles ruining your hull.

Recommended once yearly

$18 /Ft +

Engine Service

The most important part of boat care is engine maintenance. Maintenance schedules are paramount to your engines longevity.

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SHrink Wrapping

When the season gets wrapped up, so does your boat. We handle all of the work that goes into winter prep.

Starts at $18 /Ft

some of Our work

Wash + Wax

Sometimes all your hull needs for the preseason is a good wax to bring out the gloss.

Outdrive & Outboard Paint

Protect metals below the waterline from corrosion and rust. Sure, Zinc Anodes provide some protection but going the extra mile is what we're passionate about.

Customize it

While we admit we can't handle every custom job offered to us, we still want you to send them our way! If you can dream it, we want to build it.

Core values


Our clients should be engaged in the entire process, from the initial quote to the completion of the job.


In a constantly evolving boating world, we adapt as needed to uphold our exceptional level of service.


When working on boats, unforeseen challenges may arise, yet our commitment remains to exceed expectations no matter the obstacles.